You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, why not wear your brand on your sleeve instead.

You can choose the shape. You can choose the size. The finish. The material. You can select from a collection of stones to inlay (some with metaphysical powers.) You can engrave a personal message on up to four faces of the cufflinks. You can even customize the anodized black aluminum box.

After you choose a size (.68 or .55 caliber) and a shape (round knurled or octagon) it will be time to personalize your cufflinks by selecting a body finish, a button finish, deciding whether you desire stone inlay, and whether you’d like the cufflinks and the aluminum presentation box inscribed with words of your choice.

Take your time. Choose wisely. After all, HollenWolff cufflinks are crafted to be handed down for generations.