Our Process

Step 1
Step 1


All great relationships begin with a gesture. Something unforgettable. HollenWolff cufflinks were created to capture this sentiment. We start with solid bars of stainless steel or bronze, milled in Europe and North America. Our patented designs were inspired by mechanical cufflinks that were worn a century ago.

Step 2


Unlike most jewelry which is cast in a mold, our product is painstakingly precision machined on Swiss CNC watch-making equipment, in a state-of-the-art facility in Wisconsin. This may not be the fastest way to make a cufflink, but it is the most distinctive.

Step 3

Made of MAN

Up to twenty-two components are individually polished and coated, and then assembled by hand. If desired, intricate stone inlay is applied in a unique and time-consuming process. Some believe the stones we use have various metaphysical powers, but there is no doubt that the finished cufflinks make a powerful statement.

step 4

Made of YOU

Every gift says something. About the giver. About the relationship. And about the occasion. HollenWolff cufflinks can be personalized in up to seven ways, so the set of cufflinks you build becomes a tangible and soulful expression of emotion. A keepsake worthy of the event. (Even if it’s just for you.)

step 5

Made of LEGACY

Als Ik Kan. A Dutch craftsman’s phrase meaning “to the best of my ability.” This is how HollenWolff cufflinks are built, to last for generations. Which is important, when building an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.